Meetings Management

30 years of experience
Managing National & International Meetings.

Medical Software Development

Building niche tools
for pharmaceutical, device companies who want to differentiate themselves.

Medical App Development

Bringing websites to Phones and Watches
At 56% Mobile has established a clear lead

Medical Augmented Reality

This breakthrough technology can be used for innovative VR experiences as well as gameplay,
blending real-world elements into the virtual world.

Kol Driven Solutions

Collaborating with KOLs to use their expertise and outreach

IOT in Healthcare

The market for the internet of things in healthcare is growing steadily, with applications
ranging from remote monitoring to medication adherence.
When technology can assist adherence.

We build Medical Connections

About Fusion 37 & Paul Strunc

Lived in Iran, Lebanon, London and Switzerland I have had the pleasure in working with Key Opinion Leaders for over 30 years in the Medical Education Community.

• Being challenged with a 5,000 attendee meeting 2 years into business was exhilarating and rewarding. Working on international meetings to be setup in 2 weeks is a thrill.

• Bridging the gap between Industry and Health Care Providers is Fun & Fulfilling.

• Being recommended is an honor.

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Want to get closer to the HCP? Increase the efficiency of your offices? Integrate automation? Manage your Social Media and branding?


A “Key Opinion Leader” driven CRO that focused on Phase IV studies.

The first KOL driven CRO Company focused on addressing real world patient unmet needs identified during clinical trials or recognized through clinical practice.

We manage the logistics and surround ourselves with content specialists.

We build Medical Connections

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We build Medical Connections

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