Meetings Management

30 years of experience in the National & International
Meetings Management.

Medical Software development

We build responsive websites for pharmaceutical, device companies
& Focus on being different.

Medical App Development

We develop niche tools for all therapeutical areas
& Collaborate with KOLs to understand their true needs.

Medical Augmented Reality

This breakthrough technology can be used for innovative VR experiences as well as gameplay,
blending real-world elements into the virtual world.

Elevating KOLs

Collaborating with KOLs to use their expertise
to build non-profits & advance medicine.

IOT in Healthcare

The market for the internet of things in healthcare is growing steadily, with applications
ranging from remote monitoring to medication adherence.

About Fusion 37

Fusion37 brings together multiple companies that we have built over 30 years. Agora which focuses on Meetings, Medical37 which focuses on bringing technology and meetings to large pharma in form of Meetings and technology, Web37 focuses on the web and app for tech and other industries, using Blockchain, augmented reality and more. ORex focuses on Phase IV retrospective KOL driven studies. KOL which assists KOL development.

Web 37

UI / UX Development

UI / UX is personal and one must understand one's audience. Leading them through our story.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has numerous applications more fascinating one from the other. Education, sales ...

VR Apps

The development of very specific apps is a challenge we love both in the concept, development and application phase.


Blockchain is the world's leading software platform for digital assets. Applied for transaction security.


Animation as a sophisticated gif to video Production. Enhance your sales and presentations.

Mobile App Development

With an increasing population on their phones, use an Android or iPhone app to distribute a unified message.

Stay in the Know

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A “Key Opinion Leader” driven CRO that focused on Phase IV studies.

The first KOL driven CRO Company focused on addressing real world patient unmet needs identified during clinical trials or recognized through clinical practice.

Chart Reviews

From a single site to a multi-site. From a
single KOL to a committee of KOLs.

Retrospective Registries

Developing web-based ECRF - Simply efficient.

Prospective Registries

From a simple site to a Multi-Country, multi-site.

Value Based Trials

We put the best teams comprised of MedEd companies, Statisticians, IT Techs We control the quality and output.

Let’s Talk Business

Tell us about your project and let's make it happen!

Agora Group

Founded in Orange County in 1998, Agora Group Communications is dedicated to delivering professional meeting services from an international perspective. Whether you work with us in the United States, Europe, or anywhere else in the world, you will experience our stylized attention to detail in all we do.

National & International Meeting Management.

National and International Project & Meetings Management. Personal connections to KOLs in multiple therapeutical areas.

Complete or partial logistical coordination

Our top clients have worked with us to manage the entire project or work on very specific aspects of it. Speaker recruitment, audience management, on-site logistics, audio / Video and more.

KOL & content Coordination

30 years of contacts in various therapeutical areas has provided access to the best researchers and content development teams. Working from Prague to Tokyo to New York City.

Some of the top Companies Fusion37 has worked with

Speaking Opportunities

We build your speaking opportunities both in the US an internationally.

Operational arm

We can assist you in any aspect of your needs be it during a clinical trial, setting up an annual meeting or more.

Develop and run no-profit

An interesting aspect is building a non-profit to run certain aspects of your business.

Content Development

30 years in business working in multiple therapeutical areas permit us to assist you in developing and researching content.


increasing KOL opportunities